The First Line of Defense® for DDoS Protection

Service providers, hosting providers,and the online enterprise are all impacted by the challenges of DDoS attacks. These DDoS attacks have grown in size, frequency and sophistication in recent years. Not surprisingly, customer expectations for improved service availability and security have risen in unison. Enterprises are increasingly calling on their service providers to assist them in the detection, analysis and protection against DDoS attacks before they have an impact on their operations and ultimately, their business. 

DDoS Protection SmartWall TDS

The Corero SmartWall TDS is a purpose-built family of network security appliances configurable to eliminate DDoS threats in real-time. These appliances deliver comprehensive DDoS protection services in rapidly scalable deployments for higher performance, greater connectivity and broader functionality than previously possible. This unique, slim line appliance delivers 1-10Gbps full-duplex performance in a ¼ wide, 1 RU form factor. Organizations can deploy a combination of SmartWall TDS DDoS protection appliances to deliver the performance, connectivity and security required for proper DDoS protection. Customers benefit from progressive inspection, threat detection and policy-based protection with always on visibility at any throughput - 1 RU delivers 40Gbps, and 4 RU delivers 160Gbps. Simultaneously providing continuous visibility and security policy enforcement against DDoS attacks at layers 3, thru 7 for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.

SmartWall Network Threat Defense Appliance

Provides continuous visibility and security policy enforcement so that organizations can establish a proactive First Line of Defense for inspecting traffic, detecting threats and blocking attacks. It is capable of mitigating a wide range of DDoS attacks while maintaining full service connectivity and availability to avoid degrading the delivery of legitimate traffic. The SmartWall Network Threat Defense appliance is designed to handle volumetric network based DDoS attacks or floods, reflective amplified spoof attacks, like DNS and NTP attacks, as well as application layer attacks that are typically too low to be detected by out of band solutions—such as slow loris, slow read etc. Learn More

SmartWall Network Forensics Appliance

As sophisticated DDoS threats continue to evolve, effective security analysis requires continuous visibility into the traffic flowing between the protected network and the Internet. The Corero SmartWall TDS supports 10Gbps line rate packet capture to enable network forensics of security incidents. Learn More

SmartWall Network Bypass Appliance

Network availability is the key to maintaining an always on Internet presence.  The Corero SmartWall Network Bypass Appliance provides organizations with 100% network connectivity to eliminate downtime of their Internet presence in case of power or equipment failures as well as during maintenance windows. Learn More

The Corero Management Server (CMS) 

Corero offers multiple management options for configuring, controlling, and monitoring the appliances including a flexible Browser-based GUI, a full SSH CLI and powerful REST API that supports open integration with existing management frameworks. Centralized management of the SmartWall Network Threat Defense Appliance as well as other family members of the SmartWall Threat Defense System is performed via secure connection to the Corero Management Server (CMS). The CMS includes a dashboard for monitoring threat activity and viewing key security events. The CMS is delivered as a virtual appliance to run on customer-provided hardware.

Unparalleled Visibility

The SmartWall Network Threat Defense Appliance provides seamless integration with Security Information
and Event Management (SIEM) and Operational Intelligence solutions, such as Splunk.

Leveraging Splunk software for big data analytics and advanced visualization capabilities, Corero has transformed its sophisticated security event data into dashboards of actionable security intelligence, accessible via Corero SecureWatch® Analytics. Organizations are now empowered to utilize this portal as a single pane of glass into the DDoS attacks and cyber threats targeting their Internet-facing services.

Corero SecureWatch Analytics is included with the purchase of the Corero First Line of Defense products, as part of your DDoS protection defense investment. The portal transforms the sophisticated Corero security feeds into dashboards of actionable security intelligence.

Splunk Enterprise users can now implement Corero DDoS Analytics App for Splunk Enterprise, for turn-Key DDoS Visibility and Analytics using Corero’s SmartWall Threat Defense System. Download from Splunk Apps.

                 DDoS Attack Protection for Service Providers & Hosting Providers

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  • StarWind
  • Thycotic
  • A10Networks
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  • Cyberoam Firewall UTM
  • Ecessa
  • Edgewave
  • Netka System
  • Infortrend
  • Sophos
  • Unitrends


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