Cyberoam Products Lifecycle Information

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Cyberoam Products Lifecycle Information

Cyberoam Products Lifecycle Information

Product Lifecycle Information: End of Sale and End of Life for Cyberoam Products


This is an important notification to update you about important changes to your product

Dear Partner,

Sophos is beginning the End of Sale (EoS) and End of Life (EoL) process for Cyberoam iNG Appliances, Cyberoam Central Console (CCC), Cyberoam Cloud Management System (CCMS) and the iView NR products.

Customers should migrate to Sophos XG Firewall, further enhancing protection and performance. To facilitate the migration Sophos is pleased to provide a range of free support services as well as attractive promotional offers, exclusive to Cyberoam partners and customers.

For full details please read the email below. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak with your Sophos representative.

Your Sophos Team

Lifecycle Milestones

End of Sale (EoS) date


Final purchase date

Last renewal date


Last opportunity to extend subscription services, warranty and technical support. Support extensions are not possible beyond the EoL date.

End of Life (EoL)


Date when support for the product ceases.


What products are affected?

The following Cyberoam appliances are impacted by this announcement:

Cyberoam iNG Appliances

Model Number

Migration Path


Sophos XG Firewall XG85 (or higher)


Sophos XG Firewall XG85w (or higher)

CR15iNG, CR15iNG-4P, CR15iNG-LE

Sophos XG Firewall XG105 (or higher)


Sophos XG Firewall XG105w (or higher)

CR25iNG, CR25iNG-6P, CR25iNG-LE

Sophos XG Firewall XG125 (or higher)

CR25wiNG, CR25wiNG-6P

Sophos XG Firewall XG125w (or higher)