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SMB and Branch Office
XGS Series Desktop



Excellent value and all-in-one connectivity for all your branch office, retail outlet, and small business needs.


Models 87/87w  | 107/107w | 116/116w | 126/126w | 136/136w

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Distributed Edge
XGS Series 1U Rackmount


Performance and versatile connectivity options to meet the security infrastructure needs of larger SMB and mid-sized organizations.


Modes 2100 | 2300 | 3100 | 3300 | 4300 | 4500

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Enterprise Edge
XGS Series 2U Rackmount


No-compromise performance, connectivity, and redundancy to power the most demanding distributed enterprise networks.


Models 5500  | 6500

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XG Series Firewall Appliances

Our XG Series hardware appliances are purpose-built with the latest multi-core Intel technology, generous RAM provisioning, and solid-state storage. Whether you’re protecting a small business or a large datacenter, you’re getting industry leading price:performance, and the ultimate in flexibility, connectivity and reliability in every form factor.


Desktop Models  


Our Desktop firewall appliances support all the security features of our larger appliances but in a compact form factor and at a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one security solution for your branch office, or need next-gen firewall security for your growing business, our range of models can offer you many features not available anywhere else.


XG 85 Rev.3 | XG 105 Rev.3 | XG 115 Rev.3 | XG 125 Rev.3 | XG 135 Rev.3

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1U Models

Our XG Series 1U mid-range firewall appliances are the ideal solution for many medium-sized and distributed organizations. With their flexible connectivity options, they are designed to adapt as your environment changes. All models come with a range of copper and fibre ports on-board and offer a broad range of accessories to provide power redundancy and options to connect external devices.


XG 210 Rev.3 | XG 230 Rev.2 | XG 310 Rev.2 | XG 330 Rev.2 | XG 430 Rev.2 | XG 450 Rev.2

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2U Models

Our 2U high-end firewall appliances come equipped to provide protection for larger distributed organizations and data center environments. They offer the latest high-performance technology and the ultimate in flexibility to meet the most demanding networking requirements.


XG 550 Rev.2 | XG 650 Rev.2 | XG 750 Rev.2

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Sophos XG Firewall has been developed right from the start to address today’s top problems with existing firewalls, while also providing a platform designed specifically to tackle the evolving threat and network landscape. XG Firewall brings a fresh new approach to the way you identify hidden risks, protect your network, and identify and respond to threats.

XG Firewall provides unrivalled visibility into risky users, unwanted applications, suspicious payloads, and persistent threats. It tightly integrates a full suite of modern threat protection technologies that’s easy to setup and maintain. And unlike any other firewall before it, XG Firewall communicates with other security systems on the network, enabling it to effectively become your trusted enforcement point to contain threats and block malware from spreading or exfiltrating data out of the network – automatically – in real-time.

Sophos XG Firewall has three key advantages over other network firewalls:

  1. Exposes Hidden Risks: XG Firewall does a much better job of exposing hidden risks than competitors with a visual dashboard, rich on-box reporting, and unique risk insights.

  2. Blocking Unknown Threats: XG Firewall makes blocking unknown threats easier and more effective than other firewalls with a full suite of advanced protection that’s very easy to setup and manage.

  3. Automatically Responds to Incidents: XG Firewall with Synchronized Security automatically responds to incidents on the network thanks to Security Heartbeat.

Control Center

XG Firewall’s Control Center provides an unprecedented level of visibility into activity, risks, and threats on your network.

Every widget on the Control Center offers additional information that is easily revealed simply by clicking that widget. For example, the status of interfaces on the device can be easily obtained by simply clicking the “Interfaces” widget on the Control Center.











The host, user, and source of an advanced threat is also easily determined simply by clicking the ATP (advanced threat protection) widget in the dashboard.


System graphs also show performance over time with selectable timeframes, whether you want to look at the last two hours to the last month or year. And they provide quick access to commonly used troubleshooting tools.


The live log viewer is available from every screen with just a single click. You can open it in a new window so you can keep one eye on the relevant log while working on the console. It provides two views, a simpler column based format by firewall module, as well as a more detailed unified view with powerful filter and sort options that aggregates logs from across the system into a single real-time view.


If you’re like most network admins, you’ve probably wondered whether you have too many firewall rules, and which ones are really necessary versus which ones are not actually being used. With Sophos XG Firewall, you don’t need to wonder anymore.





Synchronized Application Control

The problem with application control today in every next-generation firewall is that the majority of application traffic is going unidentified: it’s unclassified, unknown, generic HTTP or Generic HTTPS.
There’s a simple reason for this: all firewall app control engines rely on signatures and patterns to identify applications. And as you might expect, any custom vertical market application, like medical or financial apps, will never have signatures, and some evasive apps like bittorrent clients or VoIP and messaging apps are constantly changing their behavior and signature to evade detection and control. Many applications now use encryption to escape detection, while others have simply resorted to using generic web browser-like connections to communicate out through the firewall because port 80 and 443 are generally unblocked on most firewalls.

The end result is a complete lack of visibility into apps on the network, and you can’t control what you can’t see. The solution to this is very elegant yet effective: Synchronized Application Control, which uses our unique Synchronized Security connection with Sophos managed endpoints.





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