EonStor DS 3000 High powered

Thứ sáu, 14/02/2014, 02:51 GMT+7

Build better storage networks using EonStor DS 3000 systems with a modular hardware design that makes maintenance and upgrades effortless. Models offered with dual redundant controllers for high availability, plus all systems support remote replication and automated storage tiering while including thin provisioning and smart media scan as standard. The exclusive SANWatch 3.0 browser-based intuitive interface enables user friendly access, helping you tap blazing-fast performance in critical tasks such as volume rebuild to make IT management more seamless than ever.

NEW! Remote replication and automated storage tiering


Latest firmware supports secure remote replication for disaster recovery and automated storage tiering, which makes better use of SSD and boosts overall storage performance.

Host boards, controllers, and power supplies can be easily swapped. Enhance select components, get better performance, and save on the cost of a new system.

High availability with built-in redundancy

Modular design means maintenance or partial outages do not shutdown your system, maintaining access to data. Models offered with single and dual controllers

User-friendly SANWatch 3.0 UI

Simple yet detailed web interface delivers intuitive management, with real time event and error messages to expedite troubleshooting. Available in five languages.

Data integrity protected with smart scan and recovery

Smart media scanning auto corrects errors and can be scheduled to take place in the background or during off-peak periods to minimize performance impact.

Great performance accelerates critical operations

High speed sequential read up to 5500MB/s and all-cache hit read performance of up to 1.3M IOPS. Full 4TB NL-SAS drive rebuilt in less than nine hours, with systems rated for 30,000 mailboxes.

Thin provisioning in the box

All EonStor DS 3000 series systems include a free thin provisioning license to offer you more flexibility in managing your IT resources, without the additional costs.


Diverse system selection and advanced scalability

Compact 2U 12-bay to large 4U 60-bay, with 8G/16G FC, 1G/10G iSCSI, and 6G SAS host interface options. Systems support up to 360 drives/1440TB via JBOD, giving your enterprise ample room to expand.

The EonStor DS 3000 Series is available in the following model groups:

High availability 
dual redundant controller models
single controller models
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